STRIVE – A striving community


What is STRIVE?

STRIVE is a social platform for self-realization through digital/physical places and storytelling. STRIVE gives people the opportunity to share their personal stories or teach lessons as a STRIVE Guide in the form of audio and video, via their profile in our app. We strive to highlight inspirers who gets to share their life lessons and together we build an inspiring Community. STRIVE wants to strengthen the individual on a deeper level and in a more sustainable way. Through leading examples of friendship, belonging, honesty and appreciation, STRIVE aim to create change at the individual level, group level and a societal level. As a member of STRIVE, you are part of a community that offers various opportunities for your self-realization. STRIVE will give you tools + resources + support, but you get to do the job yourself.



Along with the globalization and the advancement of technology, our way of life is affected to a very high degree. How we look at ourselves and how we compare with each other, it contributes to a greater uncertainty and performance anxiety which eventually leads to bad habits and very often to the need of medication. Global health is threatened by development and an increase in diseases is being seen through an unhealthy lifestyle of diets, tobacco, alcohol, medicine and drugs. Mental illness has received big attention recently and today approx. 450 million people has some kind of mental illness and the number is increasing every day.


We are looking for quick solutions and relevant sources of inspiration, but it is not enough. We also need motivation, discipline, support and something that lasts. This is where STRIVE comes into the picture.


The real teacher is someone who has already managed to master techniques in his own life. STRIVE believes that personal development and to support people to do as much as they can for themselves can reduce mental illness. With the right knowledge, teaching and technology, we can create results in change, education and self-realization.








If you want to read about our guidelines and how we relate to each other, you can do so HERE.