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From idea to reality

We will sort out questions like:

  • Who is my audience and how do I adapt my story to my target group?
  • What sentences make up the heart of my story and how can my audience be affected with as few words as possible?
  • How can I touch and influence with symbols and metaphors?
  • How do I structure the text so that it arouses the curiosity of the listener?
  • How can I get my audience to understand my content without being too revealing?
  • How do I amplify the emotional state with sound (soundmapping)?
  • What is the crescendo in the story and what kind of feeling or question do I want to leave the audience to reflect on?
  • Is a question more appropriate in the context or is the silence more narrative right here?
  • How do I use my voice to reinforce emotions and how do I build the dynamics of my story?

What else do you get in this process?

1. Start-up webinar with Andreas Grenthe 45min

2. An invitation to our SLACK-chat.

3. Ongoing coaching, feedback and webinars.

4. Training opportunities with Charlie Söderberg & Andreas Grenthe (online is possible).

5. Refining and completing your story.

6. Completion to speak live on stage.

7. Recording of story for publication in App.

*Read more here