Mikael Engström online course

Mikael Engström online course

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You are now making a fantastic decision. CONGRATULATIONS to you in advance!

With a fully connected intuition, you gain self-confidence in your leadership because you completely trust yourself. When you are honest with yourself, there is a great calm and you get clarity. You will learn to live more intelligently in both work and private life.

Trust and intuition strengthen your well-being. You increase your creativity and productivity. Because intuition is you, your true self. New perspectives make you free and independent. You achieve your goals and save time. You make the right decisions. Clearer decision-making provides security and success.

The in-dept education "Master in trust & intuition" consist of 5 + 2, a total of 7 modules and 10 recorded videos in the subject trust and intuition.

Here you have all the links to the seven different sections,
gathered so that you can easily find and view all modules and videos.
I recommend that you do one module per week or in your own pace.
You can choose to watch your extra videos according to your interest and
when you desire. Follow your feeling. 

Remember that it can be rewarding to rehearse and watch the episodes several time. You can example go through the whole series and then restart the whole series from the beginning. Do it your way!

Be sure to do all the exercises in the training if you want the maximum results. Above all, treat yourself to not be disturbed when you complete the training. Give yourself time to have the opportunity to be relaxed and focused. It gives a much better result and also it is very nice and beneficial to give YOURSELF 100% attention.

If you have any questions or anything to share, send an email directly to: